Selling and Sales Management

Course Information

Every sales team loves to extract as much value as possible from each of your given territories. But how do you go about doing that? You could invest more money in the team by hiring more salespeople. A quick fix but one that can’t be implemented on any real scale. But perhaps a better, long-term investment to extract value is by maximizing the efficiency of the salespeople working in the field through effective selling skills training. The techniques learned through an effective training program will stay with field sale reps forever.

What Will You Learn

The content or training topics shall be discussed thoroughly with the client company to meet the needs of employees and to achieve the training objectives. ASK can customize the content and the training methods 100% – which is our ultimate strength!

Who Should Attend

  • Those who are responsible for sales
  • Those who are indirectly dealing with potential customers
  • Those who are dealing with customers to expect future sales

Recommended Duration and Class Size

  • 12 Training Hours
  • 20 ~ 30 learners for Face-to-Face Training

    20 ~ 40 learners for Online Training

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