Organizations are often in the need of training services for their employees. Do you know that corporate trainings are 40% more effective for employees than just joining public classes individually? If you are thinking about corporate training services for your valuable employees, you should consider ASK. We are conducting 100% customized corporate training for the companies from different industries since 2014.

We are now one of the best and leading corporate training service provider in Myanmar. Our expert trainers design and develop courses based on the needs of clients and carefully choose training methods to meet the type of learners. We use very unique teaching style which is mixed of action learning, lecture, brain storming and self learning. We offer wide range of corporate training courses nationwide.

We have conducted more than 140 rounds of corporate training to ministries, government agencies, universities, banks, international organizations, F & B manufacturers, hotels, telecoms, INGOs and many more. Many of them repeatedly work with ASK due to our reliable, effective and satisfied training services. Please see the list here.

Why ASK?

  • 100% customized courses in order to meet the needs of employees
  • Wide range of corporate training programmes
  • Experienced and qualified trainers who deliver the most effective trainings
  • Reasonable rates
  • Unique training methods
  • Proven high level of satisfaction by the learners

Services Beyond Training

Actually, ASK can help the HR Development of organizations beyond the corporate training. We also provide the following services with high quality in reasonable time period:

  • Conducting 360′ Training Needs Analysis
  • Developing Yearly Training Plan
  • Conducting Training of Trainers (ToT) for Business Management and Soft Skills
  • Curriculum Development for Internal Programmes
  • Consultancy for HR Development
  • Talent Assessments and Profiling