Course Information

Do you have an idea for a business? Do you need to change the way your business works? Create a Business Model Canvas (BMC). BMC is a tool for planning and managing your business. On a single sheet of paper, you can show everything that really matters. If you want to create a great business model canvas you also need to think about far more than what you will actually do. You also need to think about the business models of your competitors. This short business model canvas course is all about how you design and change your business model what is going to be the best way to turn your idea into reality.

What Will You Learn

1.  Understanding Modern Business World
2.  Understanding Business Model Canvas and Its Content
3.  Practically Preparing a Business Model Canvas

Bonus : LIVE Q&A Session

Who Should Attend

  • Those who are going to start an own business
  • Those who want to change an existing business model
  • Those who are learning about Business Plan and Business Management

Duration and Nearest Intakes

  • 7:00pm ~ 8:30pm on Fri, Sat & Sun

    4.5 Training Hours in Total + Self-Learning Videos

  • LIVE Training on Facebook or Zoom
  • To be advised

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