Human Resource Management

Course Information

Invest in human resources training to help meet organizational changes brought about by tough economic times. This course provides strategies for recruiting employees, reducing employee turnover, promoting employee development and retaining a talented, flexible and diverse workforce. Learners can discover new approaches and techniques for training employees and building organizational unity too.

What Will You Learn

The content or training topics shall be discussed thoroughly with the client company to meet the needs of employees and to achieve the training objectives. ASK can customize the content and the training methods 100% – which is our ultimate strength!

Who Should Attend

  • Those who are working in HR Department
  • Those who are interested in HR Management
  • Those who are leading people to achieve goals

Recommended Duration and Class Size

  • 10 Training Hours
  • 25 ~ 35 learners for Face-to-Face Training

    25 ~ 50 learners for Online Training

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