Marketing Management

Course Information

Traditional marketing encompasses the marketing methods that can be used without the internet. Digital marketing strategies evolve quickly because of trends and new technology. These strategies include those that require the use of the internet or smartphones. Both marketing strategies in today’s disruptive environment demands flawless agility to create and capture business value. This course will help you to develop your marketing fundamentals and hone your strategic marketing skills.

What Will You Learn

1. Understanding Marketing Management
2. Market Research and Analysis
3. Establishing Marketing Objectives
4. Determining Competitive Advantages
5. Evaluating Strategic Alternatives
6. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
7. Marketing Mix
8. Implementing of Marketing Strategic and Control
9. Pricing Strategy
10. Digital Marketing

Who Should Attend

  • Any professionals who would like to understand marketing concepts and gain the marketing strategies
  • Entrepreneurs

Duration and Nearest Intakes

  • 9am ~ 5pm on Sat & Sun

    14 Training Hours in Total

  • To be advised

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