Course Information

Productivity is one of the most important keys to professional success — and one of the hardest to define. Productivity isn’t simply a matter of sitting down and completing work. No matter how effective you think you are, there is always room to improve and refine the way you work. If you’re wondering how to improve employee productivity, the answer is surprisingly simple. Teach employees how to resist distractions and focus on what supposed to be done timely. Productivity can save cost and also motivate employees regularly. So train better to work smarter!

What Will You Learn

1. People & Productivity
2. Organizational Structuring
3. Developing Job Description and KPI
4. Managing the Employees’ Performance
5. Employee Motivation and Reward
6. Talent Management

Who Should Attend

  • Any professionals who want to be successful in working with team and getting the best contribution from them

Duration and Nearest Intakes

  • 9am ~ 5pm on Sat & Sun

    14 Training Hours in Total

  • Date of Nearest Intake

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