Lall Phat (လဲဖတ်) Facebook Group

Lall Phat is a Facebook group developed by ASK for simple and direct books exchange among readers. Its primary objective is to promote reading physical books as many as you can without buying many. If you have a book which you have already read (or ready to give away) and would like to exchange with another book, just simply post what your book is, what kind of book you are looking for in an exchange and how to transfer books. Then whoever interested your book will offer what they have to attract your attention for an exchange. By repeating the same, you will read many books by owning one. Since it is not a sales platform, the group members are not to sell books as well as not to top-up additional cash to make an exchange happened.

This is one of our contribution to the community and promotion of reading. Its motto is “တစ်အုပ်ရှိ – အများကြီးဖတ် – လဲလဲပြီးဖတ်” which means “read more books by exchanging if you just have one”. Join us!

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