Course Information

In a retail sales situation, satisfying every customer can be difficult, but there are proven methods and skills you can learn to maximize their satisfaction and increase sales. This course provides you with an understanding and skills development in how to better engage with customers, how to control the sales process, how to identify upselling/cross-selling opportunities, learn basic sales psychology, how to conduct basic needs analysis and much more. This comprehensive sales training course is designed for both in-store and online retail types to sell more and discount less, how to deal with difficult customers and professionally handle every sale and maximize every opportunity.

What Will You Learn

1. General Management for Retails
2. SOPs & SODs
3. Important Do’s and Don’ts for Retails
4. Budgeting
5. Purchasing
6. Marketing and Promotion
7. Sales and Achieving Targets
8. Winning over Competitors
9. Online Retail Concept and Strategies

Who Should Attend

  • Retail (or Online) Shop Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Senior Employees from Retail Outlets

Duration and Nearest Intakes

  • 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm on Sat & Sun

    6 Training Hours in Total

  • LIVE Training on Facebook or Zoom
  • To be advised

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