Who We Are

The Academy for Skills & Knowledge (ASK) is an independent local training academy, founded in 2014 by young, well-educated, internationally experienced practitioners. Since its creation, ASK has been a pioneering force in equipping skills and knowledge to job seekers, employees and entrepreneurs to achieve their respective goals.

ASK has introduced Study and Work Dual Learning System for job seekers and successfully engaged above 90% of graduates with full time jobs. To make this success happened, ASK works with more than 90 companies and organizations as apprenticeship partners.

ASK offers technical and soft skills short courses for employees and entrepreneurs. The courses are designed to improve their productivity and business management skills. ASK is a leading corporate training provider in Myanmar and conducted more than 100 rounds of training to both private and public sector organization such as ministries, government agencies, universities, banks, telcos, FMCG companies and many other.

ASK is working as the educational and business consultants for local and international organizations such as International Labour Organization (ILO), Myanamr Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneurs Association (MGJEA), Myanmar Private TVET Association (MPTA) and GIZ of Germany and Helvetas of Switzerland.

ASK has a clear vision and strengths to overcome the challenges and contribute more to the national building process from human capacity development point.

Why You Should Choose ASK

  • Wide range of courses to become professionals
  • Experienced and qualified trainers
  • Effective and quality delivery with unique training methods
  • Affordable fees
  • Good reputation in industry with wide network
  • 94% employment rate after graduation
  • Proven high level of satisfaction by the learners
  • Available in-campus, online and corporate courses
  • Feel-like-home customer service and hospitality
  • Responsible community partner for youths development

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